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Aakash Soni-  South Brunswick High School, Class of 2020

Aakash Soni, South Brunswick High School

   We are happy to congratulate one of our long-time SAT students, Aakash Soni, from South Brunswick  High School who got into an accelerated Medical Program at the New York Institute of Technology.  Future doctor, Aakash will begin the challenging, competitive program in the Fall of 2020.   Aakash achieved great SAT scores (1550 Plus Club member) was enrolled in Mr. Buffer’s College Admissions Planning Program, where he got help with his essays, medical interviews, and more.  Aakash, who was also awarded a scholarship, has his eyes set on making a difference in opthalmology research.  We are proud that he went through and achieved so much with our program!


Aadi Rane-    South Brunswick High School, Class of 2020

Newest Member of our 1550 Plus Club ©  –  Achieved an almost perfect score on the SAT! !




Rishika Deshide    South Brunswick High School, Class of 2019, Admitted to Princeton University 

Rishika Deshide, Admitted to Princeton University, Fall 2019

We are happy to congratulate one of our long-time SAT students, Rishika Deshide, from South Brunswick  High School who got into Princeton University, an Ivy League School and one of the best universities in the world!  Rishika was a long-time SAT student of ours, and is a superb student and well-rounded young woman!   Here are some words I got from Mr. Buffer, the owner and founder of Cambridge Learning Center of NJ, and who also was one of Rishika’s SAT teachers.

     ” I am so incredibly proud of Rishika.  She always stuck out to me as one of the most humble and hardworking of the thousands of students I have seen pass through our doors. She has a great work ethic, and I know that Princeton will be a first step toward very big contributions to the world that Rishika will make.  I offer her and her wondeful family a heartfelt congratulations.” 


Pooja Gumudavelli-    South Brunswick High School 

Admitted into competitive pharmacy program!  –

Pooja came to our learning center for SAT/ACT Prep with the long-term goal of getting into an Accelerated Pharmacy Program.   Her hard work paid off!  She was admitted into the competitive combined program at St. John’s University!  We are so glad she is on her way to achieving her dreams!



Anant Gupta – PERFECT SCORE!!!Anant

North Brunswick High School

Anant was a very hardworking, diligent student who attended North Brunswick High School.  He joined Cambridge Learning Center as part of his long-term goal to get into a 7-year Medical Program.  He knew entering our program that his scores would have to be stellar and top notch.    Anant did fantastically on his SAT’s with our help, dramatically increasing his score, and achieving an amazing feat of getting a perfect 800 on his Critical Reading Section of the SAT!!   Anant, we are all very proud of your achievement, and we know that you will continue to excel in the years to come.   Congratulations!


Romit Nagda,- Admitted to UPenn! Ivy League School!




Romit took the ACT and finished in the top 1% of scorers!  He also worked with Mr. Buffer on his College Essays and was admitted into UPenn!  We are so proud of Romit, and know that he has a great future ahead of him!



Kanika Jethani,- 7-Year Dental Program- Future Dentist!- University of the Sciences-  South Brunswick High School, 

FullSizeRender (3)


Kanika was in Mr. Buffer’s (Cambridge Founder and Owner) College Planning Program and worked very hard to get into a highly selective 7-year Dental Program.   We are very excited for Kanika!



Dayanna Esponiza,-Admitted to MIT

North Brunswick High School,


Dayanna went through out SAT ScoreMax Program and worked directly with Cambridge Owner and Director, Mr. Buffer, and brought her SAT score up a total of 700 points! Dayanna also almost scored a perfect score on the SAT Math section, with a score of 770! Dayanna also got scores in the top 1-2 percentile on many SAT Subject Tests. Because of her stellar performance, Dayanna will attend MIT next year!!

Dayanna’s accomplishments are especially impressive because she only came to the United States in February from Peru, and hardly spoke any English. She worked very hard to learn English, prepare for her tests, and do well in school, all while acclimating to the United States.   MIT and the USA will benefit from Dayanna’s gifts in the years to come!


Fairooz Khondiker, North Brunswick High School

Fairooz is a very highly performing student at North Brunswick High School. Before she entered our SAT ScoreMax program, she already had an SAT Score that was in the top 10th percentile, but she wanted better for herself.  After registering for our program and working with our fantastic staff, she exceeded her own expectations and will be graduating from the Rutgers School of Pharmacy this year!











Durva Bhandare- ADMITTED INTO MIT!!

North Brunswick High School!

Durva, a top-caliber student and basketball player at North Brunswick High School, went through our SAT ScoreMax Program and our College Advising Program, with a dream to raise her SAT Score high enough to getaai2 into a great college for Math and Science. After hard work, and working with Cambridge owner MITMr. Buffer, she raised her score over 200 total points, and got into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where she now attends and plays basketball.

Durva also worked as an Administrative Assistant at Cambridge Learning Center.   We know she has a bright, bright, future ahead of her!

Congratulations, Durva! Keep up the great work at MIT!



Ameya Deshpande, North Brunswick High School


     Ameya, a very bright student who will graduate from North  BrAmeyaunswick High School in 2014 greatly improved with our SAT ScoreMax Program®™, increasing his score close to 300 points, and finishing with a combined score that puts him in the top 3% in the nation. He worked with Mr. Buffer and Mr. Hribar and made great progress with Cambridge, working tirelessly.Ameya will attend school for Pharmacy and has many options ahead of him! 

Fantastic job, Ameya!





 Mount Saint Mary Academy,


Tasha Brown

     Tasha, who is from North Brunswick, NJ, is a tirelessly working student who entered into our SAT ScoreMaxProgram as a junior and greatly excelled, increasing her score over 400 points, working with Mr. Hribar, Mr. Bruck, and others! She gained admissiointo Princeton University, an Ivy League school and one of the most prestigious universities in the nation.

Tasha has a great future ahead of her, and we know that she will make Cambridge, her family, and herself very proud!









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