Our Cambridge SAT/ACT ScoreMax Program ™ is a fantastic program that has 3 major components:

Highly Individualized:

Our fantastic SAT/ACT Program contains a highly individualized plan for each student that will optimize his or her score by amplifying student strengths and greatly focusing on areas for improvement   Too many SAT programs and classes are not tailored to the individual student’s needs.   Instead, there is a focus on getting through a pre-determined curriculum, causing unnecessary learning and preparation gaps.  At Cambridge, we have a fantastic curriculum, that the trained teacher will tailor for each student based on diagnostic tests and teacher expertise.  Our Founder, Owner, and Educational Director, Mr. Justin Buffer will perfectly tailor your child’s curriculum to his or her needs.

Core Skills and Knowledge:

Our program has an amazing preparatory component that focuses on the core skills and knowledge that are needed for optimal success on the SAT.   These amazing key strategies have proven very successful for many students and provide a foundational knowledge base that will transfer into success on the SAT.    The Cambridge difference is that we do not just teacher SAT test-taking tips; rather, we teach the necessary knowledge and core content that more strongly ensures SAT success.

Test-Taking Skills:

We have found that many students have trouble getting out of “school mode” when they take the SAT.    Success on the SAT depends  on being in what we at Cambridge call SAT Mode ™, which requires a different mindset and different strategies.   We teach test taking skills that will guarantee student success and help students become more familiar with the nuances of the SAT.


Your child’s individualized plan

All students will begin by taking a Diagnostic Test here at the Cambridge Learning Center of New Jersey, which will then be graded and analyzed.  We will then meet with you and your child to discuss the results, and devise an individualized plan.  During this time we will also discuss your child’s college and career aspirations.

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